Protecting Your Interests With Assertive, Skilled Counsel

Helping You Resolve Divorce And Custody Conflicts

When you are in the middle of a family breakup, it can be nearly impossible to find a path forward. There are simply too many tasks that call for your attention, from work obligations to family responsibilities to legal concerns. Facing these issues alone is not only overwhelming; it also increases the chances you can make a costly mistake.

Before you reach this point, contact me, attorney Jennifer E. Williams. I have assisted many individuals who have been in situations like yours find effective solutions for their personal family law challenges. As the founding attorney of Jennifer E. Williams, LLC, I provide tailored representation to clients throughout south Georgia, and I am eager to help you.

Seeking Fair Resolutions For Divorce Matters

Since 2008, I have led my clients through the divorce process, working closely with them to secure fair agreements in a timely fashion. I am qualified to assert your interests in all concerns arising from:

  • Contested divorce
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Military divorce

I have represented many service members and their families from Moody Airbase, using my extensive knowledge of military divorce and division of military retirement to secure favorable results.

When Legal Disputes Touch Children’s Lives

I am a staunch advocate for children affected by family law conflicts. I do everything in my power to limit the negative impact of legal disputes on their well-being and their relationships with their loved ones. If you are a parent, grandparent or a concerned relative, I stand ready to promote your interests in custody or visitation disputes.

Whether your child-related concern arises before, during or after a divorce, I am able to represent you in negotiations, mediation or litigation. I regularly petition for post-judgment enforcement and modifications. I also represent clients in family law appeals.

If you think that you do not have standing to ask for visitation or custody, consult with me to learn your options. Georgia’s Equitable Caregiver law grants custody to non-relatives and grandparents who qualify. I am intimately familiar with the aspects of this new law, having won the first equitable caregiver care in the circuit. Contact me, and I can help you determine if you meet the legal standards as well.

Get A Knowledgeable Legal Ally In Your Corner

You don’t have to face your divorce, custody or visitation problem alone. Consult with a proven lawyer and find a way forward. You can reach my Valdosta office online or at 229-808-8096.