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Aggressive Defense Against Drug Violations

While much of the country appears to be lessening penalties for marijuana use and other controlled substances, this is not the case in Georgia. Georgia’s police and prosecutors zealously seek out drug violations and request harsh punishment for those convicted.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a drug violation, now is not the time to hope for a dismissal. Now is the time to take effective and prompt action. Contact me, attorney Jennifer E. Williams, to get the skilled representation you need to fight your drug charges in Valdosta and the surrounding communities. I have defended clients against charges since 2008, and I’m qualified to help you.

Able To Combat Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses

Don’t be fooled: both misdemeanor and felony drug charges are serious legal issues that require a serious defense. Individuals with drug convictions on their criminal record can be barred from certain professions and struggle to find housing. I am ready to use the law to help you limit the impact a criminal matter has on your future.

I have asserted my client’s rights in Georgia courtrooms for 15 years, so I know which arguments south Georgia judges find compelling. I can help you combat charges that include:

  • Possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Prescription drug violations, such as unlawful possession and sales

In the event your property has been seized during a police investigation, contact me. I will take quick action to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated and will work to get your assets returned as promptly as possible.

If you choose to retain me, I will assess your legal situation honestly, so you can make wise decisions when the time comes. Should you choose to fight your case in court, I will not rest until I have obtained a fair result for you.

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